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Pipe laser cut / Sheet laser cut / Bending / Welding / Assembly / Milling / Stamping / Punching / Control

Za kar najhitrejše informacije stopite v stik z nami. V našem DNA je zapisano da vam ustrežemo in se osredotočimo na doseganje in preseganje želja kupcev.

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Za celovite rešitve vseskozi dopolnjujemo in posodabljamo tehnologijo potrebno za zagotavljanje hitrih in kvalitetnih rezultatov.

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Flexibility and ability to quickly adopt to the requirements fuels us with confidence that we have taken the correct decision by processing and working with all materials.

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Termont Metal company offers quality and affordable services to customers delivering a level of product on demand. The company is focused on the quality of services it provides. Companies DNA is to provide customers with maximum professionalism, accuracy, and reliability, so we always stick to agreements, we are fast, flexible and responsive. Our team consists of a group of experts with many years of experience in their fields of work.

We perform work throughout Slovenia and abroad.

We provide services in the field of:

  • Automation
  • Metal forming and processing
  • Constructions of devices and machines and assembly line elements
  • Consulting and optimization of existing solutions